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Advisory for today's businesses.


Why work with us?

RAW Business Advisory are highly experienced, out of the box thinkers that realise your business is unique as should be your business strategies.

  • Experience and know how on tap

  • Provides diligence, rigour and accountability
  • Challenges the status quo
  • Provides an outside perspective
  • Measurable outcomes achieved


Who we work with

  • Committed owners of small and medium-sized businesses
  • People who are looking for a better business outcome
  • Businesses looking for profit improvement, growth, investors, or an exit.
  • Family businesses
  • Not for profit entities

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We can assist in helping accelerate your business growth

Improving effectiveness and sharpening your businesses potential is at the core of what we do. See below a list of our specialities.

Advisory Board

Profit Improvement

Strategic Planning

Business Planning


Cashflow Improvement

Investor Ready Program

Succession Planning