Every person entering business is aware of the necessity of planning. In the same way, a plan must be formulated to exit the business or attract investors.

Yet too often a failure to plan and act to ensure the business is “investor ready” will result in the erosion of wealth and a failure to maximise your return.

What is the investor Ready Program?

The purpose of the Investor Ready Program is to:

  • Ensure the business is attractive to a potential investor, or buyer

  • Maximise the wealth of the outgoing proprietor, through increasing the value of the business

  • Ensure the business operates efficiently as a business, without over-reliance on the owners

  • Ensure the business is profitable well before investors or bures are sought

It is not uncommon for the owners to decide to retain the business after the Investor Ready Program, as the outcome of the program is a much better, more independently operated business.


Our approach:

RAW Business Advisory approach always starts with a free, no obligation meeting to establish how you and your business would benefit from our unique Investor Ready Program . From there we:

  • Agree on the approach

  • Design a targeted program to maximum the value of the business

  • We provide action plans to  achieve our agreed targets

  • We follow up to ensure implementation of any decisions made

The next step:

If you would like to discuss how our unique Investor Ready Program can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us to organise a free, no obligation meeting.