An advisory board service provides independent, experienced persons to provide advice and support to the owners of businesses. Large corporations have the benefit of a Board of Directors, but this is not always attainable for smaller organisations. We know from experience that our Advisory Board model brings enormous benefit to the business.

What are advisory boards?

Advisory Boards often play a similar role to the Board of Directors, but tend to be more flexible in their approach and in the advice they give. However, the main difference is that while the Board of Directors ‘directs’, the advisory board advices, leaving the business owner with the ultimate decision making power.

Our role on your advisory board entails:

  • - Provision of wise counsel

  • - Provision of insights and ideas

  • - Exploration of new ideas

  •  - Formation of strategy

  • - Acting as a mentor, and coach

  • - Provision of disciple

  • - Monitor business performance

  • - Challenge the owners with improvement option

  • - Advice to management

Our approach:

RAW Business Advisory approach always starts with a free, no obligation meeting to establish how you and your business would benefit from an advisory Board. From there we:

  • Agree on the Charter of the Advisory Board and it's role

  • Identify any other resources that the business may benefit from, e.g. legal, or marketing, etc. Once this is established we can then bring the strength of our networks to the business

  • We assist in setting the agendas and meeting dates

  • We design the Board meeting information requirements

  • We provide action plans at the end of each meeting

  • We follow up to ensure implementation of any decisions made

The next step:

If you would like to discuss how our Advisory Board service can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us to organise a free, no obligation meeting.