Whilst the strategic plan is the roadmap that outlines the steps to be taken by a business in going from where it is now, so to achieve its vision, the business plan is much more granular, delving into each aspect of the business operations, and setting actions to assure that the business is position to achieve its strategic aims.

What is Business Planning?

Unlike the strategic planning process which looks at the business from a macro level, the business plan looks at any or all of the key business functions. It takes the same three step process as strategic planning, but applies them to each process:

NOW – establishes and identifies all the important issues each segment of the business faces

WHERE- develops, refines or outlines the necessary operations of the business so that there is total alignment with the strategic plan of the business. This takes into account the changing and disruptive forces facing the business and industry

HOW – develops details action plans for each process of the business, including detailed implementation plans.

Business planning can be utilised across the entire business, or just some segments of the business.

Many business find that when undertaking the strategic planning process, the business plan is the next obvious, detailed and necessary step. Many choose to take a combined approach, and we find that this approach works very well.

Our approach:

RAW Business Advisory approach always starts with a free, no obligation meeting to establish how you and your business would benefit from business planning. From there we:

  • Agree on the approach

  • Design a program to maximum the benefit to the business

  • Identify your team members that are to be involved in the process

  • We provide action plans to achieve our agreed targets

  • We follow up to ensure implementation of any decisions made

Our approach is all about the outcomes, not the document.

The next step:

If you would like to discuss how our Business Planning service can benefit you, please do not hesitate to contact us to organise a free, no obligation meeting.